The Erciyes Fragments


Being The Journals
and Notes of Fra Niccolo of Venice,
Noddist Scholar and Itinerant Monk
-As Transcribed by C.S. Friedman-

"The Shadows are whispering again. They have followed me here, it seems. Even here…"

Throughout history terrible secrets have been hidden, only to be unearthed by brave, and sometimes, unwitting souls. And when kindred are involved their own history is a secret that is sought at great risk. Elders rally their young and clans martial their forces in search of a glimpse of truth.

In the case of Fra Niccolo giovanni, his own scholastic skills are in the service of his esteemed uncle. A humble monk, Niccolo, seeks knowledge, or more blatantly; he hungers to know. The taste of forgotten secrets and hidden lore sets upon the tip of his tongue maddening him with their bitter-sweet delight.

It is Niccolo who discovers an archaic tome. To his astonishment it is seemingly written by Caine himself, and obtains commentary by truly ancient kindred scholars. Unlike any other account it details from a view none other could, being the account of Caine himself.

The Erciyes Fragments is a delicious read. Like a fine wine you can wet your lips on it and the taste will linger on your tongue. The elders commentary replace separate annotation & explanation (as in the book of nod the revelations of the dark mother, the black labyrinth chronicles, etc.), making it much easier to read without shuffling through pages and check each notation. All in all it’s as if it’s three books in one. Just for the story of Niccolo it’s worth every penny. Included is the tales of caine in his own view as it were and the elders themselves own commentary blend in as if they were their own tale. The ending alone I won’t spoil but for the record it’s positively delightful. Even for readers unfamiliar with the world of darkness this is a wondrous and spellbinding book. The version of events detailed will un-doubtedly give most pause to think.

Enjoy the book, Delight in it’s exquisite horror, and Revel in the thought of how things could possibly be… If it truly were a World of Darkness…

I hope you find my humble service acceptable.

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