Frequently Asked Questions

What is the World of Darkness?
The World of Darkness is the term used for the collection of game systems created by White Wolf Gaming Studios. The games are Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Changeling, Wraith and the recently added Hunter. They each share a theme of degradation or entropy in their own little universes. The World of Darkness is generally viewed as a more mature game and many of its themes are darker than the ones usually found in its predecessors.

What does DeVita In Excessum mean?
De Vita In Excessum is Latin for "From Life to Death". (Loosely
translated, so please, no linguists coming to debate me on this matter — I never majored in the class, okay?) We settled on that name because we felt it fit the World of Darkness on a wider scale than something that seemed strictly "dark" or "vampiric". The overall theme, the end times (or metaplot, as some would say), encompasses everyone in the World of Darkness — these end times are affect everyone, from the "lowly" mortals to the walking dead to the monstrous werebeasts and to the Celestines themselves. That is why we felt the name fit — because when the final days come crashing down it is going to affect every living and dead thing in the World of Darkness.

Who has copyright to all published material?
All material that is submitted to DViE remains property to it’s owner. We never claim any copyrights to anything published on DViE. We just put it out there for everyone to see.

How often can I submit material?
You can submit as much and as often as you want. If you send a large number of submission in one month, we might spread your submissions over the next few months, but they will be published.

Can I submit work that I didn’t create?
No. We only publish work that is original. We will not be responsible if you are charged with copyright infringement.

What all do I have to do to submit something?
We’re asked this a lot. Even though we’ve had our "Submission Guidelines" on our site since day one. I know it all seems tedious to read, but it will save everyone a lot of guff in the end.

What kind of material can I submit?
ANY and ALL stuff pertaining to the World of Darkness. Poems, Artwork, Stories, Reviews, Rants, etc. There are no limits, as long as it pertains to White Wolfs’ World of Darkness and is tasteful (I.E. No Vampire Porn.)

How long before my submission is published?
Usually if you submit before the publishing date, your work will be in that months issue. If not, it will definitely be in the next issue.

Do you edit or change the work content around at all in the submissions?
The only type of editing we do is mostly spellchecking and we put it a nifty little layout to fit our page. We don’t have any lines drawn as to how "explicit" your work has to be, however we ask that your submission be tasteful. We don’t publish Vampire Porn. We reserve the right to refuse publication of any submissions that don’t conform to our standards. Otherwise, your work is your work, keep with the WoD theme and follow the guidelines and your work will be published no problem.