Mage Bats Font Mage Bats
Mage: The Ascension
Abbess Font Abbess
Mage 2nd Edition
Also Vampire Clan Toreador
Visitation Font Visitation
Mage 3rd Edition
Clairvaux Font Clairvaux
Mage: Sorcerer’s Crusade

Mage Traditions

Kosher Font Kosher
Order of Hermes Tradition
Castellar Font Castellar
Euthanatos Tradition
Used in Vampire True Brujah Font
Ambrosia Font Ambrosia
Cult of Ecstacy Tradition
Mordred Font Mordred
Celestial Chorus Tradition
Stucco 555 Font Stucco 555
Akashic Brotherhood
Only the ‘Brotherhod’ part
Same as Brujah Vampire Clan
Mythology Font Mythology
Arial Font Arial
Virtual Adepts