The Strength in the Stones


The Tremere Anastasia Novykh drives up to the Elysium for the first time in nearly a year, having recently regained her privileges to attend from her clan. Her banishment was a bit brief, she mused, considering her outburst. Though her work had been dutiful and diligent, her behavior exemplary,Anastasia was somewhat inclined to believe her reprieve was more of a test than a show of regained favor. Or perhaps it was part of some plot to see how well a disfavored Tremere would be received by the ravenous harpies, the taunting Malkavians and Brujah, or the smirking, amused Ventrue. She muchpreferred the latter to a test of her decorum, for in such an experiment she would at least be doing a useful service to the clan, whether or not she understood it.

With a soft beep, she locks her car and walks with graceful confidence to the Church entrance. The huge doorman gives the small, frail looking kindred a respectful nod, allowing her to pass behind him through the doors.

As Anastasia tops the stairs, she sweepingly notices some few whispers at her arrival. It seems nothing more than the usual notice any kindred receives, but one can never know past the subtleties of immortal gossips. She makes her way to the couch of her Primogen giving respectful nods to those who look up at her, for almost all here have more status than she at this point. Some give this deference to their betters for the want of its return in some future time, but to her, a well-indoctrinated Tremere, she knows of the strength of the base of such hierarchies. She takes her place at the foundation of kindred society just as she does within her clan, with the knowledge that it is all a part of the larger picture, the Great Plan, the reason for her existence and that of countless others.

Vim Pyramidis in saxibus quadratis

*The strength of the Pyramid is in the stones.

Anastasia Novykh, Apprentice of the Second Circle of Mysteries, House and Clan Tremere.

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