Divine Blessings

by Ivo Luijendijk

"We’re on a mission from God" – The Blues Brothers

As the natural counterpart of demonic investments, I expected this idea to have been fleshed out by White Wolf long ago. Since they seem to be releasing the demonic investments idea in their newer books, however, the possibility of an official angelic powers write-up seems remote. Therefore, I present my humble take on a possible system for this. It is partly written so as to complement my rewrite of Demonic Investments.

As a Divinely Blessed, you were given the power to "do good". You probably witnessed horrible wrong doing in your vicinity at one time, or have a natural affinity with the Lords’ ways (or whatever you call the Almighty), motivating you to become a force of good. Apparently, your faith was not only well-placed, but you seem to be even rewarded for your noble and pure beliefs, since the Almighty blessed you with the power to do your goodness with more power and efficiency. He chose you for a blessing, making you effectively an agent of God on earth.

A Blessing can be literally anything. Usually, however, an Agent of God will be awarded something fitting his nature and his means of protecting his Lord. Blessings may be bought after True Faith has been achieved. See below for a rework of True Faith, needed to make it complementary with this take on Blessings. Usually, a starting character will have no Blessings, even if he has bought True Faith. Your number of Blessings may never exceed your Ranking of True Faith. In this system, any individual with True Faith has the potential to be Blessed. Whether or not someone actually becomes blessed is a pure role-playing consideration and entirely up to the ST. The Blessed in spe must show signs of divine inspiration. This requires following his 10 commandments, abiding the Bible, etc. Usually, priests or other men of the cloth are chosen for such a blessing, but the Lord does work in mysterious ways…. If an individual with True Faith has been blessed by the Lord to receive the holy gifts, that individual may check one Soul point of each level of the Blessing he or she wishes to buy. Please note that this is not the same as spending Soul points. The Blessed One still has her Soul intact. It is merely away to keep track of the Blessings bought. If a Blessed has checked all his soul points, but decides he’d rather have a higher level Blessing instead of the two lower ones he has, then he may make a True Faith check. If it succeeds, then he may swap his Blessings. A failure means that the swap may not be made and that the check may not be made again for the remainder of the story. A botch is an automatic loss of one True Faith level. If a success is gained, you may swap two Blessings for one other, but this may be done only once per story.

True Faith is bought at the expenditure of (7 * current level, 10 for the first level) experience points, but only if he has a conscience of at least 3 and a Humanity (or similar path of ethics) of at least 7. Additionally, if someone with True Faith falls to a Humanity of below 7, remove all True Faith and all Blessings. Someone can loose True Faith by failing Conscience or Conviction rolls. A botch removes a level immediately, a failure forces you to make a Faith roll.

True Faith and the Chosen
Under the official rules for True Faith, this "power" allows you to do great deeds. Under my write up, True Faith is simply needed to be granted Blessings and a stat to show how strongly you believe in your Lord. True Faith may be there for added to any Conscience or Conviction role, and it does grant some characteristics(note: remove these bonuses as soon as the Faith level drops below the required level.):

Rating Characteristic
1 An aura of purity is granted, which is visible with Aura detecting powers and gives "an edge" when dealing with religious individuals.
2 All scars are removed from the Blessed individual, all future wounds heal perfectly (though at normal speed and at normal costs). This includes Battle Scars (for the Lupine). Also, all sensory tissue is restored to perfection, removing the need for glasses, hearing aids, etc.
3 Appearance is at least 2. If it below this rating, raise it freely.
4 All dice pools to withstand any effect of any Demonic Investment are raised by one.
5 The Blessed has natural ability to spot individuals which are Demonically tainted (roll Perception + Empathy, difficulty is the number of Soul points left).
6 Appearance is at least 3. If it below this rating, raise it freely.
7 By spending two Willpower points, the Blessed may radiate a holy light, capable of completely blinding anyone with less then 10 Soul points, but harmless to anyone else.
8 Your touch alone is soothing and can remove frenzies or other losses of self control.
9 Remove all abnormal atrocities your body has suffered. This includes amputations, bone trauma, animal features (for Gangrel), seizures and foreign agents. This does not mean that all damage you suffer will be "shaken off". It only means that if you suffer permanent consequences, like a scar or an amputation, that this will be restored (regeneration requires one day per kilo of flesh). If a lethal damage is suffered, you still die.
10 Your
hands do Aggravated damage, as does the holy light you can produce (though the latter only to those with less then 10 Soul points).

Amples of Blessings
(Note: All activation of a blessing requires a True Faith roll to be passed (difficulty 6). A failure will cause the Blessed to potentially doubt his true faith and this forces the Blessed to make another True Faith check, this time to see if his belief is unharmed. Failure causes the loss of one True Faith point, a botch causes the loss of two.

Heal minor wounds to yourself (only wounds of the Bruised health level). For a higher level, add a level to the health level limit the healer is capable of healing. For each level bought, you may remove one sustained damage to anyone and try to soak it yourself. If you fail, you will suffer the damage.

Level 1: All healing powers are also translatable to others then yourself.
Level 2: Remove any non-lethal sickness, like the flu or gonorrhea.
Level 3: Summon a guardian spirit, which will act as a buffer for you, reducing all dice pools by one (after soaking).
Level 4: Remove a bodily disfunctionality, like a paralysis, any disease or a lobotomy.
Level 5: Create a bolt of heavenly wrath, which you may hurl at an opponent. This bolt does 4 damage instantly, aggravated if the target has a Soul of less then 10.
Level 6: Restore one point of Humanity in someone, by praying with him.
Level 7: Summon a lesser Angel, which will fight for you. The Angel has Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Stamina 5, Perception 5, Intelligence 5, Wits 5, Brawl 3, Dodge 3, and Melee 3. The angel wields a sword, which can do Strength + 4 damage, aggravated if the victim is demonically tainted (less then 10 Soul points).
Level 8: You may inspire faithful masses to intervene for God. This means that the mass will recognize a Demonically Tainted individual if they see him and their collective burst of religious faith will do him an amount of aggravated damage equal to your Charisma + 3 per turn.
Level 9: You may resurrect any recently deceased (up to one day old corpses.)
Level 10: If you die, your body will automatically be resurrected. (If you make your roll, that is!)

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