by Hastu the 7th

The annis are one of the most feared changeling types ever too live. In ancient times they were born of nightmares of evil witches who stole into houses too eat children.

Since there creation in the ancient times, this evil kith have captured humans and devoured them. Leaving only bones in their wake they were one of the few kith too flourish in the 600 year absence of the sidhe. As they were the first kith too use the now common practice of living inside human bodies. They are becoming more and more common (unfortunately) although high king David has ordered these changelings killed on sight. It is not surprising they are resilient, for they claim too be the oldest of kith. As one would guess, the majority of annis are unseelie.

They often bunk with black spiral dancers, nephandi, and unseelie redcaps. They lure human’s too there freeholds and devour them with little care. The few seelie of the species live as lone wolves. Eating only wicked and banal humans and helping lost children find good homes and loving families. The changeling even attribute the annis too the disappearance of three certain collage students three years ago…

Appearance: The annis look like old, overweight humanoids with sharp claws and even sharper teeth, they have hard rock like skin and gray hair. For some reason, the female annis outnumber the male 80 too one. Annis tend too prefer large cloaks and flowing robes for attire.

Lifestyles: Annis live in the near dreaming in deep forests. They often live in chimerical living houses (with wings or legs) in order too leave anarea before their presence becomes widely known (and hunters attack) They rarely show up in cities unless there controlled by the sabbat or other evil forces.

Childlings: often age very quickly, the average childling looks more like a teenager or maybe older. Their job is the family tempter. Bringing home young boys for ‘dinner’. The only time they leave their captives alive is for fattening or breeding.

Wilders: Begin too show the first signs of old age. They have tiny wrinkles and some gray hairs as well. At this stage, the annis begins too learn how too hunt more effectively. By going out and stalking humans at night. It is not uncommon for the young annis too join with a pack of sabbat vampires or a black spiral hive too learn more effectively.

Grumps: Make up the majority of this kith. These annis are usually very fat (from all the people they have eaten) and cannot seduce mortals as they use too. This bothers them little, however, as they are now strong enough too hunt for their meals full time. They are also masters of fae magic. Few things are as scary as a angry annis grump.

Affinity: Actor


Claws and fangs: Annis have sharp claws and rock like fangs. These claws do str +1 chimerical damage and there savage bite does str+3 chimerical damage. It can not be used in the presence of the unenchanted unless the annis calls upon the wyrd.

Tough old bird: Annis are very strong and resilient all annis get a +2 too STR and stamina. Even if this brings them over 5. This gift can only be used in the presence of the enchanted or if they have called upon the wyrd.


Ugliness: Grumps have an appearance of 0. Do too there age and

Gluttony: Annis live too consume human flesh. When faced with
an opportunity too eat it (or any other meat for that matter) they must make a will power
roll (diff 8) too avoid stop and devour it.

"that’s nice buddy, why don’t you come over… for dinner?"


Boggans: mmmm! Yummy! So plump and juicy! A yummy treat!
"A good idea too invite them too dinner, a bad idea too be invited too dinner BY them.

Eshu: come in my friend! There is always room at our table for another!
"Uhhhh, I wouldn’t want too intrude."

Knockers: cuss all you want buddy, no one will hear you.
"YOU BET ILL CUSS YOU %!*%*&!@%&*!@!&@%&!@!@&%!@&(_~@&(@~!"

Pooka: yummy! So furry, tickles all the way down!
" THAT’S NOT FUNNY! Say, I don’t think ive ever said THAT before!"

Redcaps: our brothers in arms. Say pass a drumstick would ya buddy?
"Sure! Haven’t eaten this well in a while!"

Satyrs: fools, such easy too lure into our clutches, damn hard too catch though.
"Word of advice, meet an annis at a bar, make sure you go too YOUR place, not theirs.&quot

Sidhe: cowardly fools. Sweet, but too difficult too catch.
"Annis!?! Here? GUARDS!"

Sluagh: cold and slimy. Not worth the effort of finding.
"There are advantages too living in the sewer."

Trolls: it is call for great celebrating when we catch one of these blue titans. What a feast.
"The duke ordered your capture man eater. You’re coming with me."

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