Born Into Darkness

by Thomas David Lake

A tale of one man’s embrace by Francisco Del Moreno.

It was a cold bleak day when I was born into darkness. Continue reading

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Font Updates

I’ve updated the fonts section with all the old fonts and some new. I actually have tons of new fonts to add still, it’s going to take a bit to go through them all.

For now the new fonts are as follows:
Runchuu – Kindred of the East Introduction (Vampire)
Akira – Kindred of the East (Vampire)
Sidhe Noble – Sidhe Kith (Changeling). This font is exactly like Scythe, but I’m providing both.
Ondine – Eshu Kith (Changeling) and WoD 1st Edition (WoD)
Professor – World of Darkness 2nd Edition (WoD)
Meath – Changeling: The Dreaming (Changeling)
Garish – New World of Darkness (WoD)
Goudy Old – New World of Darkness (WoD)
Grunge – New World of Darkness (WoD)
Plastic Man – New World of Darkness (WoD)

I wanted to thank the following people for submitting fonts, even though it took forever for me to gain interest in putting them up:
Ray Jensen from Rivers of Creativity
Threnody, POM Administrator,
William Lee from Laser Cutting Services Inc
Jinx de Jeztor

What surprised me the most about all these font submissions, were some people were unable to find certain fonts or they were commercial fonts and needed to be purchased. And then someone else would send the font because they had it. So everyone filled in each others gaps.

Now I just have to remember what some of these fonts were for. Being out of the game so long, this is going to be difficult :)

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All Articles Added

I have readded all of the articles into the new CMS. The only things left to add is the font archive, some of the miscellaneous vault items, a list of articles organized by issue, desktops, and a few minor details here and there.

I’ll be working on getting those up over the next few weeks.

Also, be sure to update your links to point to:, as I will not be renewing this domain.

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Clean Sweep

I’ve switched to a better CMS, and am using a user-created theme for the layout, since my time is so limited to create my own.

I’ll be customizing this one to my own needs, and eventually I’ll get around to doing a DVIE exclusive layout.

As far as this old beast goes, I -did- actually do an update to content as well, adding new fonts that have been submitted over the last few years that I never go around to adding. The font section seems to be the most used and sought after section anyway.

I may in my spare time work with some desktops or screensavers again. And if someone feels inclined to submit poetry, artwork, stories, system designs, I would be more than happy to to display them.

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Layout Forthcoming

I will be working on a new layout and general clean-up of this site in the next coming weeks. I’ll also be converting it to a new (and better) CMS, as well as hopefully upload all the new fonts I’ve had stored for a good while.

Keep checking.

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The infinate Hiatus

Do not spam me with emails for this site, or WoD Chronicles stating that I need to update links. The sites are not being updated. I have no intention of updating them anytime soon. I keep them up because people still use it as a resource. I may put up a new layout, but do not expect any major updates (except maybe fonts for DViE).

That is all.

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Site Overhaul

Another site overhaul is planned sometime over the next few weeks. Complete with a new layout, and a better way for me to organize information. Not to mention I have a few more fonts to add that people have sent me over the last……hell whenever I last updated this thing.

I just realized I haven’t actually played a WW game in years. So sad….

Are there any good online games running right now? Perhaps a MUD?

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Questions Answered

Some questions/comments received about De Vita In Excessum:

With the release of the new WOD, what sort of changes (if any) can we expect?
I don’t really know. I’ve taking a small step towards gearing DViE towards the new World of Darkness, but mostly only font related. I’d absolutely love to include some articles, reviews, stories, etc, related to the new WoD. If there is actually interest. The major problem is lack of submissions :) Though I do have a few to put up yet.

Also I hope you don’t mind but I used DViE as an example of what I consider a well done site in one of my web design courses and in a project in another course, I included a link to it :)
Why thank you, it’s not an elaborate design, but it’s hopefully clean and functional. I’ve considered giving it another look or perhaps skinning it, but we’ll have to see.

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Looking for Fonts

I’m looking for some more fonts, mostly related to the new World of Darkness, Vampire Requiem, and Dark Ages Vampire, but pretty much any of the newer fonts. I’ve found very few so far, I’ll try to generate a list of what I’m looking for.

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Updates Coming

Well, I’ve received quite a bit of e-mail lately with requests for certain things. I don’t know why it’s coming now, but it has me working on some stuff.

I also have some submissions and updates I’d like to get up and take care of. I don’t think I’ll be putting this into issue format anytime soon, but instead just updating as a resource until I have the time, desire, and there’s enough interest to do monthly/bi-monthly issues again.

So in other words, I’ll be adding everything, including a Werewolf screensaver I just made, here soon. I’ll probably just post everything at once. And I’ll be replying to all these e-mails within the next few days.

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